Digital Apps

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Simply the Best Art Apps!

My YouTube basic tutorial.

Much like the sand-art-in-a-jar, you choose your colors and sift sand. Very soothing and relaxing.

Digital Tangrams!

Paint bloopy bits that move and grow!

Paint and watch it drip! Use a fan on it, keep it wet, all sorts of options!

Particle field sandbox

Make a wood wall, and light it on fire! Blow it with wind! So cool!

If you love Weave Silk but you'd like to try something a little brighter, more abstract, and more customizable, this is for you!

WOW is all I can say. Go there NOW and try it.

My YouTube Basic Tutorial

Unique drawing tools to figure out and play around with while you create your composition!

So you want to paint like Jackson Pollock, but digitally? This is amazing.

Very cool app where you can draw with words, creating your own poetic masterpiece.

Think like the old fashioned Spiro Graph, only without losing all the parts! Super fun and engaging!

Simple Paint Apps

From the Tate Gallery in London England, this app has a variety of painting tools for you to experiment with. I love the bubbles the most :)

Loads of fun with tons of art materials and music. Fun for all ages, easy enough for little ones.

Pixel art might seem simple, but this app is really good. You can trace over pictures if you want and even make gif animations. 

Mandala Apps

Color online, Print and color, or Design your own Mandala! Nice mandala app.

Another app that can do radial symmetry. What sets this apart is that you can use a brush that's more like an airbrush (fuzzy edges) and change the opacity of the colors so they can overlap and blend.

Mandala drawings! You can control the colors, rotation and width. Easy to download and nice gallery to be inspired by.

Another Mandala app, but more free form and creative. Lots of choices and easy to save to your computer.

You are using radial balance to draw, using a rainbow palette. Very pretty!

So incredibly cool once you get the hang of it. MAKE SURE TO CLICK THE BOX "auto update"... and click the GREEN DOTS to complete a shape so it cuts it out. ENJOY!

Remove Background Apps

Easily remove the background of the image you want to use!

Easy to add animations (including glitter text!), remove backgrounds easily, plus all sorts of other things like cropping. Good for image manipulation, not for drawing or painting from scratch.

Remove your background from VIDEO ! Make your background transparent ~ and if you want, add another background with this app. Or not. 


Photomontages are when you add photos/images together to make your own composition. Lots of artists do stuff like this. 

These photomontages are more fun than they were meant to be when you couple your SAVED IMAGE with LuncPic & make it your own.

Animation Apps

Be a brush ninja and create gif animations from your own drawings fast and easy!

Create your very own animations like you would with a flipbook!

Make your own gif - super easy and fun!

Image Editor Apps Similar to Photoshop

This is a really fun photo app with tons of fun filters and animation filters. Best to import your own images (selfies are great) and you can even make your own filters! Awesome too are the gif animations.

This app is a nice drawing app where you can draw with basic tools, shapes, calligraphy, clipart and stamps, as well as use layers. 

Has a decent user guide for all the tools.

Very much like the professional photo editing tool Adobe Photoshop, but free! Fairly complicated. Can take a picture within app. Decent filter gallery, including one of my favorites, glowing edges. Large number of export options.

Another good app with shapes and tools, BUT the GRADIENT tool is out of this world! Completely worth it to play with the gradient tool and then save your piece and work on it in another app if you want to.

This is another digital paint tool, has layering and trasnsparency abilities. But I really like how you can very easily edit the photo with intuitive cropping, perspective, blur, unsharp mask, similar to Photoshop. Another good app for your toolbox.

THIS IS REALLY GREAT as a substitute for Adobe Photoshop. Photo editing app with lots of filters and ways to change your photos. Cutout, Posterize, Vignette, etc. Very simple to use. Can save as .jpg or .png easily.

See HERE to see the new add animation feature!

Art Games!

Fun color game! If you know the game Simon, it's like that. You watch the pattern, and then you repeat the pattern.

Very fun drawing game where they tell you to draw an item and the computer tries to guess what you are drawing. 

Very cool, interactive color wheel to experiment with color and different color schemes. Don't let the word "Adobe" scare you ~ it's completely free.

3D - AR - VR - AI

3D Modeling & Printing Apps

Yes, this really is a FREE 3D PROGRAM. In fact, if you had a 3D printer, you could PRINT what you create in this program. Tinkercad is created by an amazing company & is very powerful - Can you make some Minecraft pieces? What else can you do? Email them to me!!!!!!!!

Design Banks, Where you can get 3D models to print:

Over 300 models including the James Webb Space Telescope!

Access all the FREE 3D models from the fantastic Smithsonian Museums. Incredible selection from aircraft to historic art.

Augmented Reality - AR Apps

After you sign up for a FREE account (ask your parents first) you can build augmented reality without code. Uses a drag and drop editor, no experience required!

Virtual Reality - 360° VR Apps & Sites

Thinglink is a FREE piece of software for educators and students to piece together your  VR project. There is a great set of demo instructions to get your "certificate" in the Thinglink software. Projects can be viewed in the FREE Thinglink viewer or thru a headset of your choice.

AI  ART (Artificial Intelligence Art)

Google Experiments


Creative puts Fortnite at your fingertips. Turn your vision into reality and see just how far your skills and imagination can take you. Make unique islands and games to share online with friends. Create together. Try thousands of games made by people like you and get inspired

Go right to the poster making app HERE

Reality Scan to Unreal Engine!