360° VR + Ed

Graphic I created for the Tarheel 360 Exchange with Midjourney, Illustrator and Photoshop

Why 360° VR for Education? How is it Effective?

  • Immersive panoramic 360° perspective vs unidirectional standard video perspective

  • Captivating where your students are the center of a real world environment.

  • Low/No Cost - No special equipment is required. Use with existing classroom technology such as

    • iPads

    • Chromebooks

    • Mobile devices

  • Accessible technology format - All students can

    • Acquire information

    • Engage in the content

    • Enjoy the learning experience

  • Teachers can easily and freely find/create/modify the content they need.

  • Content provided with the 360° VR is likely more creative and open-ended.

Evidence Based Benefits of Incorporating VR Into the Classroom

  • Making context-specific learning personal and relevant with congruent role models/experiences

  • Sparking interest and positively affecting attitudes with rich contextual information

  • Debunking stereotypes through exposure and vicarious learning

  • Transcending limitations of expensive, dangerous, or abstract activities

  • Enabling tangible visualization of complex concepts

  • Motivating by actively experiencing rather than passively observing

  • Assisting with disabilities such as recognizing/interpreting emotions, job interviewing, and empathy amongst other life skills

  • Practicing protocols and procedures before important tasks or where one on one teaching is limited

Engage and Inspire Students with 360° VR!

  • You can create or find “walking tours” of cities, museums, and other interesting environments! You can immerse students in authentic content such as science experiments with expensive equipment and career exploration with people on the other side of the world or even in outer space! Research shows students self efficacy, empathy and motivation improves exponentially by relating to others’ experiences while using 360° VR. It’s literally like “walking in another’s shoes”.

  • 360° VR content can provide students with creative learning beyond the classroom. Students are more likely to understand knowledge on a broader scale and develop an appetite to seek out further information within the discipline.

  • 360° VR content is fun to find or create, adapt to your standards, and share with your students. You will be giving your students an all-access ticket to the world, with a front-row seat in your classroom!