How to Format / Use 360° VR Images


Explain complicated ideas, demonstrate with interactive tools, train and educate inside the unique environment and more.
Embed or link your content to any LMS. Ple
nty of ready- made content that is fabulous as well.

YouTube Tutorial HERE.

Visit HERE to begin.

Creating & publishing directions HERE.


  1. Open ThingLink

  2. Create either Image or Image and Tour

  3. Upload picture from computer or camera (Ricoh Theta saves in pictures folder on Mac)

Chinese Immigration Virtual Museum

CANVA + ThingLink

No Fancy Camera? NO PROBLEM. Fake it to make it!

Use CANVA along with ThingLink's free template to create a 360° VR Gallery.

Instructions are HERE.

360 Cities

Create your own personalized"guided tours" with 360 Cities magnificent panoramas and share it out. Embed or link your content to any LMS.

Step by step guided tours info HERE.

All about 360 cities for schools HERE

How to add/use panoramas HERE


Nearpod is an add-on for Google Slides. They've got 600+ ready to go 360 VR for you to use immediately as "field trips". I highly recommend Nearpod for K-12 whether or not you are going to use the VR feature.

Creating Your Own VR for the Classoom HERE.

Building Equity and Engagement with Nearpod VR HERE

Experiential Learning for ELL Newcomers HERE