Hardware to Create 360° VR Images


Affordable, high quality 360 camera options for personal, educational or commercial usage.
Go HERE to see their gallery, with an extensive variety of 360 images.
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  1. turn on camera and connect to phone via BT or access point

  2. take pic/video and send to computer via cable or wifi via Image Capture folder (which adds your image to the Pictures folder on Mac)

  3. open ThingLink and upload

  4. see example

Other Native 360 Cameras

Creative FREE Use of Google Street View

Taken with either a 360° camera or created with the free Google app, these 360° images and videos place you at the center of the action all over the world. Google is expanding its mapped areas with cameras mounted on users’ backpacks and stationed on the dash of non-Google vehicles. This should allow mapping of chronically difficult terrain.

You can use the Google Street View on their Maps application on your own smartphone to create your very own 360 image. No fancy camera needed!

See my instructions HERE. It will force you to make a copy.