About Victoria Sylvestre!


My parents were artists and college art professors at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA. They were both halves of the art department: my dad taught ceramics, photography, sculpture, jewelry and animation; my mother taught art history and weaving. We lived right next to the university, you could see the art building from our kitchen window. Lots of trips to museums and galleries, lots of artists I met and played with as a child.

My entire childhood was art, art and more art.

This is me when I was 5 playing dress up!

Teenage years...

We moved to Chatham County, NC when I was still in High School. My favorite part of NC were the belted galloway cows by our house.

My first job was a bus boy at the Fearrington House!

These are the cows outside my house!


When it came time to pick a college major, I had originally wanted to go into medicine, but my heart won out and I chose art. I went to East Carolina University School of Art and got a BFA in Ceramics. & BFA in Art Education.

I went another 3 years to get my MFA in Ceramics. That's where I met my husband who is also an artist.

This is me and my parents when I graduated with my BFA Art Education degree!


My husband and I were awarded an apprenticeship at Moravian Pottery and Tileworks in Doylestown, PA the summer we graduated to learn about ceramic mosaic making and have an exhibition of our art.

This is still highly influential in our artwork.

This is the super cool building I got to work in every day!


Afterwards, we moved to Charlotte, NC and worked at Spirit Square which is now part of the Blumenthal Performing Arts.

Truly an exceptional place to grow and learn and teach!

High School Art...

I taught art at a community college and began my first public school art teaching job that same year at North Stanly High School in Stanly County, NC.

I went to Pfeiffer University and got my Academically Gifted certification.

I was awarded my National Board Certification in 2005 for Early Adolescent Art.

After 8 years there I wanted to move closer to my parents and I got a job teaching ceramics at Chapel Hill High School. After 8 more years, I was chosen as part of the Design Team for Carrboro High School. I designed the art department there and taught Ceramics, Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Creative Experiments and AP Art History!

This picture features one of the mosaics I created at Chapel Hill High School!


While I was in the Chapel Hill / Carrboro City District, I collaborated a LOT with other schools.

This is a ceramic mosaic I created out of clay with a 2nd grade class at Seawell Elementary School in Chapel Hill.

Elementary Art...

I am currently teaching elementary art in the Chatham County District, at the beautiful new Chatham Grove Elementary, home of the Gators!

This is a gator mosaic I created out of clay.

This is when my middle son graduated from Chapel Hill High School in 2019!

My husband and I have 3 boys and currently have 2 cats and we live in the woods where you can't see your neighbors! Lots of wildlife and a big pond with frogs that are so loud it's ridiculous. Truly a blessed life we lead.

This is 2020 when my youngest graduated from Chapel Hill High School.

National Board Certification, NBCT

I was able to become Nationally Board Certified a SECOND time for Early and Middle Childhood Art in 2021! The first time was for Early and Young Adolescence Art in 2005. Here I am with my husband after the district board ceremony to celebrate the achievement.